Monday 4s 2022 Session 2

The Blue Whales - Setters of Catan
Beta Blockers - Butler County Ballers
Ball Busters - Won Direction
Mission Unblockable - Hubba Bubba
Mission Unblockable - Past Our Prime
Beta Blockers - EZ pass
Butler County Ballers - The Blue Whales
Ball Busters - Setters of Catan
Hubba Bubba - Ball Busters
Won Direction - Beta Blockers
Past Our Prime - The Blue Whales
Butler County - Ballers EZ pass
Setters of Catan - Past Our Prime
Ball Busters - The Blue Whales
Won Direction - EZ pass
Beta Blockers - Mission Unblockable
Won Direction - Mission Unblockable
EZ pass Setters of Catan
Butler County Ballers - Past Our Prime
Hubba Bubba - The Blue Whales
Setters of Catan - Mission Unblockable
Beta Blockers - Ball Busters
Butler County Ballers - Hubba Bubba
Won Direction - Past Our Prime
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